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Don't get nervous - Our electricians, service technicians, and sales representatives are ready to assist you with your electrical/mechanical problems.
Call Williamson for sales & service - At Williamson Electric we...
•  Offer 24/7 Emergency Service
•  Employ trained, certified & licensed technicians
       ◦  OSHA 10
       ◦  Confined space trained
       ◦  Factory trained
•  Have state of the art - fully equipped shop. Technicians with 200+
   combined years of experience.
•  Use overhead cranes to lift in excess of 20,000 pounds.
•  Have a large fleet of over 25 service vehicles to provide you with  
   excellent service, and meet all your pick up and delivery needs.
•  Distribute a wide range of motors, pumps, controls,
   drives and industrial supplies.
•  Offer preventive maintenance on all systems.
•  House over two million dollars of inventory available in our
   warehouse for your day to day emergency needs.

Call 617-884-9200 today!

Our select list of vendors

​We use the best products in the industry - Our select list of vendors provides us with a great selection of products for any size project you may have. We have over two million dollars of inventory available in our warehouse 24/7/365. Our vendors are always ready to supply us with top quality products at the time of shortages.



Industrial Supplies & Accessories

Controls & Drives

• Pumps

• Motors

• Drives

• Generators

• Sales

• Service

• Installation

• Repair & Maintenance



Make your first call your last.

Call 24/7 for Sales & Service!


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